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Q: How does PRP and stem cell treatment work?

A: PRP therapy and stem cell therapy utilize the body’s own healing processes to address orthopedic issues. Both treatments originate in the patient’s body and are collected, refined, and injected precisely into areas of concern.


Q: Is there an advantage to seeking care from an orthopedic specialist versus another type of healthcare provider?

A: Our team has decades of combined experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. The Ortho Stem Center team uses advanced knowledge of anatomy combined with thorough clinical evaluation to provide the most appropriate treatment. 

Q: Are the treatments painful?

A: Treatments are administered in the form of an injection.


Q: How quickly will patients experience symptom relief?

A: Patients can return to work in one to two days and can increase activity levels within a few weeks. They can return to sports in four to six weeks. This recovery time is accelerated when compared to surgical intervention. 

Q: Are follow-up appointments necessary?

A: Some treatments do not need to be repeated, but this is condition-dependent. Other patients may require follow-up injections.

Q: Are there risks to receiving this type of treatment?

A: Risks for this type of treatment are the same as for any musculoskeletal injection and include infection; risk to major systems of that limb; nerve injury; stiffness; swelling; fracture; or unwanted bone formation. There may also be a need for future therapy or surgery.

Q: Is parking available at your location?

A: Yes, there is parking available onsite. 

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