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Platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP, is a ground-breaking, non-surgical treatment.


Stem cells repair damaged tissue and reduce inflammation by replenishing damaged cells.

Our Treatments

Our treatments are supported by 50 years’ research in the medical industry, but there’s more to Ortho Stem than an evidence-based approach. Our team represents the one percent of orthopedic surgeons fully trained in stem cell therapy. With more than three decades’ experience, we are fully committed to providing you with new, non-surgical options for pain relief.


As regenerative medicine is a growing field in musculoskeletal medicine, Ortho Stem Center engages each and every patient in collecting outcomes data to further assist future patients. Ortho Stem Center is at the forefront of advancing evidence-based medicine by quantifying and sharing our patient outcomes with the global community. The Ortho Stem Center engages patients in their own healthcare.  


Offering both stem cell therapy and platelet-rich therapy, Ortho Stem Center is a trusted resource for patients nationwide. Our orthopedic specialists address concerns that range from sprains, strains, tears, arthritis, and other pathology. While some conditions may ultimately require surgical intervention, Ortho Stem Center strives for patients to avoid surgery entirely – with little downtime post-procedure.  


For more information about our treatments, please take a look at our individual treatment pages.

How your Cells Can Help?

Regenerative cells are unique cells in our body, which have the ability to become many different types of cells. Stem cells can be harvested from your bone marrow and umbilical cord blood. Growth factors can also be derived from amniotic tissue. Our expert team helps to ensure proper placement and successful results.

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